Train from kolkata to shirdi

South Western Railway has decided to run Weekly Express Special Trains between Mysore - Sai Nagar Shirdi - Mysore (Train Nos 06201/06202- 07 Specials in each direction) to the following timings, stoppages and dates of service.

Accordingly, Train No 06201 Mysore - Sai Nagar Shirdi Weekly Express Special will depart  Mysore station at 09.50 hrs on Monday (August 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 and September 5, and 12) and arrive at 14.15 hrs at Sai Nagar Shirdi on Tuesday.

Enroute, the Weekly Express Special will arrive/ depart Mandya at 10.45/10.47 hrs; Ramanagaram at 11.19/11.20 hrs; Kengeri at 12.00/12.02 hrs; Bangalore City at 12.55/13.05 hrs;  Bangalore Cantonment at 13.15/13.20 hrs; Yelahanka at 13.48/13.50 hrs

Return journey
In the return direction, Train No 06202 Sai Nagar Shirdi Weekly Express -  Mysore Express special  will depart Sai Nagar Shirdi at 15.30 hrs. on Tuesdays (August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, September 6 and 13) and arrive in Mysore at 22.55 hrs on Wednesdays.

En route, the Weekly Express Special will arrive/depart  at Puntamba at 16.00/16.10 hrs; Yelhanka at 18.58/19.00 hrs; Bangalore Cantonment at 19.48/19.50 hrs; Bangalore City at 20.10/20.25 hrs; Kengeri at 20.43/20.44 hrs; Ramanagaram at 21.12/21.14 hrs; and arrive/depart at Mandya at 22.10/22-12 hrs.